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Welcome to this gallery of little statues.

My sculptures try to capture moments of shared experience. At craft shows, it is delightful to see people lose themselves in my work. When so much of modern life is focused on communication through screens, there is something compelling in the tactile depth of a simple diorama.

But that’s at craft shows. Website photography is challenging because it’s flat and I prefer my work to be viewed in the round.

That lets me add details, perhaps humour or tension, that are only revealed from certain angles.

I work with air-hardening clay and acrylic paints and sealant. Intellectually, it is a choice of ‘green’ - clay that dries without the energy of a kiln, paints and sealant that are water-based. Emotionally, it allows the softness of water to flow through my work – in the basic materials, the contours of each piece, the washes of colour, and the spirit of each little statue.

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